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IZIP E Bikes are fitted with 24volt or 36volt batteries dependant on model. Lead Acid (SLA) Lithium (LiIon) and Nickel Metal Hydryde (NMH) have been fitted across the range.

Usually each type is not interchangeable and all use a different battery charger. Availability of some types is easy, some are harder to get. On SLA and NMH units, the case can be opened and new cells fitted.

As with all electrical devices we advise that only qualified persons should open a battery case.

Batteries illustrated show the diversity of type and technology. Some units can be fitted with replacement cells.

We stock a selection of these units and suitable battery chargers.

We are agents for IZIP. Powabyke. Freego. Byocycles. Cyclotricity. Etropolis. Roodog. Conv-E


Broken IZIP? Give us a call. 0116 2357595

Our Company

Grand Prix Scooters have been involved with Electric bikes for over 10 years. IZIP is just one of the many E Bikes we sell. A great number of IZIP E bikes have been sold and many are in daily use. Whilst not the most technically advanced, these bikes can provide budget, entry level transport and give many years of service. In the event of breakdown or support we canusully help.

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