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All IZIP E Bikes will have a motor, an ECU or Controller, a throttle or a handlebar display unit. Wiring, racks, mounts, switches and charger ports vary between models. We have a good quantity of new spares but not all components are available as Genuine original equipment. There may be alternative after-market, non standard parts which can provide part or full functionality. Additionally, conversions may be possible to upgrade or improve your bike. We usually have a small selection of used serviceable parts.

Illustrations of some common IZIP components. (we can’t show them all)
We have Motors, Carriers, Wiring, Wheels and more.
Please call for prices.
Sadly some items are no longer in production, but we have most parts, either new old stock or serviceable used.

We are agents for IZIP. Powabyke. Freego. Byocycles. Cyclotricity. Etropolis. Roodog. Conv-E


Broken IZIP? Give us a call. 0116 2357595

Our Company

Grand Prix Scooters have been involved with Electric bikes for over 10 years. IZIP is just one of the many E Bikes we sell. A great number of IZIP E bikes have been sold and many are in daily use. Whilst not the most technically advanced, these bikes can provide budget, entry level transport and give many years of service. In the event of breakdown or support we canusully help.

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